Prayer Requests

WUMC has several ways to send prayer requests or praises. Please include as much information as you are comfortable sharing. If you are submitting a prayer regarding someone else, please get their okay before doing so. Also, if you do not want the prayer or certain details of the prayer shared beyond church leadership, please say so, and we will honor that. Here are your options:

  • Fill out the online prayer form here.
  • Email
  • Call the church office at (828) 645-6721. Please realize there are only certain hours the office is open and a response could take a few days.
  • Use your smart phone to send a text using the instructions below. And again, response time will likely be only a few hours. To get this option, you must send a registration text. Technically, this is using the Remind App (same one the Youth group uses) but you do not have to download the app or register with the Remind App to send these texts.
    • Type this “phone number”: 81010
    • Send this in a text: @wumcpra (You must enter the @ symbol for it to work.)
    • You will receive a verification text after you are approved.
    • You may then respond to that number to send prayer requests immediately or in the future.  That number will not change.

 If you have trouble, please call/text/email Cindy Hoots directly and she will help!

(828) 319-8422