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Sunday Worship Services

We now have several options available for you to join us in worship at 11:00am on Sunday mornings! You can join us for the actual service inside our Sanctuary, or listen to the service in your vehicle from any of our Church parking lots by tuning your FM radio to 90.9. We will also have an FM radio placed on the front porch of the Sanctuary if you want to bring lawn chairs and sit outside. If you wish to worship from home, we will live stream our service on Facebook. (You do not need a Facebook account to watch.)  A worship experience is available for everyone!

If you plan to attend worship this Sunday, please remember these key points:

In accordance with the new Conference Guidelines, we strongly encourage those vaccinated members attending worship service to wear a mask in order to protect themselves and others from any chance of infection. As per previous guidelines, non-vaccinated attendees must continue to wear masks.

Please print the bulletin at home, as we will not be distributing them at the service and it is your only way to view hymn lyrics.

– We will continue to ask attendees to sign in at the door instead of returning to attendance pads in the pews.

– Offerings may still be placed in the collection basket, or you may use the credit card device in the narthex.

– Please refrain from handshaking or close personal contact.

– The pew seating has been changed with every 3rd row being blocked off. This will offer more seating while at the same time allow family groups to maintain separation of 3 feet.  – Please give those wearing masks an appropriate level of physical distance.

– Singing: Conference guidelines recommend singing only when masked. Therefore, if members attend without masks please bring one to put on when singing hymns and then remove it.

– Cross ventilation will still be provided by keeping doors open and air conditioner running.

– We’ll ask attendees to depart from rear to front and use both side and center doors.

– We will continue to offer live video of the service via Facebook, video on YouTube, and FM radio transmission. Members are still welcome to bring chairs and sit on the front lawn.

– Any church participants must notify the church office of potential exposure & follow guidelines of not returning to church or church sponsored activities for 10 days.

– Hymnals and Bibles will not be available in the pews in order to prevent virus transmission.

(updated 7/29/2021)


Other Church News

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Small groups are beginning to meet in person again. All upcoming meetings are posted on our Calendar.

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