Our Mission

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What We Believe

We all share a faith in Jesus Christ, but The United Methodist Church encourages us to think for ourselves, so we don’t necessarily share the same opinions about every faith issue or social concern. And there are lots of us: 8.5 million United Methodists live in the U.S., and 1.5 million more worldwide, with the largest growth in membership occurring in Africa and the Philippines. Weaverville United Methodist Church is a loving, caring and nurturing church. Our strength is in the Lord and our compassion extends from missions in far off lands to the mission of serving those in our own community. If you come to join us, you are certainly welcome to just sit back and enjoy the sermon and singing every Sunday morning. But our church is so much more. To experience the joy you must become a part of the joy. Weaverville United Methodist Church exists to make disciples for Jesus Christ, serving God by serving others. It's not just a motto. It's our way of life.

Meet our staff

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