Now Hiring – Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries

Applicants, please send a cover letter and resume to  No phone calls please.

Job Title:  Director of Youth and Children

Job Description

Purpose:  Facilitate and communicate with Family, Youth, and Children’s Councils, providing vision and guidance for planning, implementation, and evaluation of programming.  Empower the work of the laity on behalf of youth and children. Work with the Youth Council in implementing the Youth program.

Salary: $28,000 – $33,800 annually, based on qualifications and experience and as negotiated with Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) and Church Council. Plus, Health Insurance allowance in addition to salary. Eligible for 3% of salary retirement plan contribution after one year.

Evaluation: Yearly by Minister on/before July, with copy to SPRC

Work Hours:  30-40 per week, with mix of office, programming, special events, meetings, continuing education, and visits with youth/families.

Required Meetings:   Staff meetings, Youth and Children Council, Church Council, and regular “check-in” meetings with SPRC liaison

Time off:  as per Church Policy. Days-off per week will be flexible and depends on church schedule/youth activities, visitation, and night/Saturdays activities. Work week is Sunday thru Thursday, vacation time is per Church policy.

Paid Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Easter (Good Friday or following Monday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (two days), Christmas (2 days).  If Holiday falls on weekend, it is taken as agreed with Minister.

Sick Leave: As per church policy.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

In all aspects of this role, the Director of Youth & Children is expected to maintain effective and professional communications with church staff, church members and other persons associated with Weaverville UMC.  Similarly, the DYC is expected to represent WUMC professionally and positively in interactions with the larger community – including interactions on Social Media.

Lead and administer the Youth Program

  1. Prepare and present a Christian program for regularly scheduled Weave events for middle/senior high youth (Grades 6-8, and 9-12)
  2. Plan and coordinate youth programs, retreat, mission trips, tours, and other fellowship activities
  3. Encourage and build participation in activities designed for young people through various promotional efforts and personal relationship
  4. Visit youth and their families at home or extracurricular activities
  5. Encourage, train, and support youth leadership in the life of the church
  6. Encourage participation in youth opportunities beyond the local church such as district and conference events
  7. Serve as ‘sounding board,” listener and confidant to young people and families.

Facilitate Children’s Ministries

  1. Work closely with Children’s Council and play a major role to implement programming for Children’s Ministry
  2. lay a significant leadership role for “major” initiatives such as VBS, Christmas Pageant, Children’s Sunday, etc.
  3. Assist in recruitment of volunteers for children’s initiatives
  4. Facilitate church resources for Children’s council (i.e. making copies, reserving space on church calendar, etc.)
  5. Assist in selection and procurement of age-appropriate curriculum for Sunday School.
  6. Coordinate schedule for nursery workers. Serve as a liaison for them to children’s council.
  7. Work with pastor to provide opportunities for children to lead in worship
  8. Build, maintain, nurture, and facilitate supportive relationships fostering spiritual growth with children and family units associated with Weaverville UMC

Sunday school and Small Group Christian Education Opportunities

  1. Develop Christian Education opportunities for Youth (grades 6-12)
  2. Assist Children’s Council with their Sunday School efforts for children
  3. Produce any special event flyers, bulletins, etc. for promotion
  4. Assist Children’s Council in implementing Safe Sanctuary policy

Qualification for Job

Degree from an accredited college/university or equivalent experience preferred

United Methodist background preferred

Key Competencies-

Organization Time Management: Determines the appropriate allocation of time

Adaptability-Demonstrates flexibility in the face of change

Proactive-Demonstrates the ability to foresee problems and prevent them by taking action

Communication Skills-Understands that the most important aspect of communication is the act of listening and actively works to improve those skills. Speaks with confidence and is easily understood

Client Service-Interacts professionally with clients and associates always

Team Player-Works as a competent member of the team, willingly providing back-up support for co-workers when appropriate and actively supporting group goals

Judgment-Exhibits sound judgment and the ability to make reasonable decisions in the absence of direction, swiftly refers problems/issues to the appropriate person(s) when necessary, and effectively without constant and direct supervision or guidance

Applicants, please send a cover letter and resume to  No phone calls please.