2018 Church Profile: We want your input

2018 Church Profile


The members of the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) are already working on our 2018 Church Profile.  Our current pastor, Roger Weisner, is an interim appointment.  He will be leaving us in June of 2018.  The leadership of our Conference will assign a new pastor for us, and they will rely heavily on the information we provide in our Church Profile.  We want input from you as we create a description of our congregation.

The questions are below.  If you have insight on any of these questions, please send your thoughts to Scott Jones, chair of SPRC.  Scott@lawyersasheville.com



to be completed by January 15 of each year

1. Other than the Pastor, who are the paid staff members:

2. Describe the local church:

3. Briefly describe the community in which the church is located. What is the makeup of the people who live within a 3-mile radius of the church?

4. What is the mission/vision for your church and how is it related to the United Methodist Church’s vision of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?

5. What specific action steps is your church taking to live out that mission/vision?

6. In what ways is your church actively involved in your neighborhood/community?

7. Is your church participating in a missional network? If so, on what missions/ministries are you working?

8. Describe your church’s evangelism plan in the community.

9. What are the most challenging decisions facing your church in the next 5 years?

10. What goals has the church established to creatively address these issues?

11. What is the general condition of your church facility, and are there any major needs?

12. Discuss the general health and vitality of the church

a. Worship services and styles:

b. Financial health:

c. How are decisions made in your church? Describe the balance between clergy leadership and lay leadership in the operations of your church.

d. How would you describe the congregational climate of your church?

e. In what ways and how often is your church facility used other than for worship?

13. How does your church participate in the connection of The United Methodist Church?

14. How does your church relate to its neighboring churches inside and outside of the denomination?

15. If you could change two things about your church what would they be?

16. Which of the following best describes your church?

(1) Growing; (2) Stable; (3) Declining; (4) Struggling to survive.